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Cleaning Your Shower

Having your shower tiles and grout professionally steam cleaned and sealed at least once a year is ideal to help keep them looking their best. But what you do to maintain that fresh clean in between professional cleanings is just as important. Often, especially in high moisture areas such as showers, you will notice that your grout may become discolored or even yellow. Many things can contribute to the yellowing of your shower grout from hard water to product build up. Below are some tips for removing that discoloration and maintaining your shower.

If you notice a yellowish color we suggest using an acidic product to help remove it.

How should I clean my shower?

Use Cleaning Vinegar.

Cleaning vinegar is our recommended first choice and can be purchased at any home improvement store. Generally you will find it with the cleaning products as it is about 20 % stronger than distilled vinegar (what we use in cooking). Cleaning vinegar contains 6% acid which should help to release the discoloration.

We suggest using it in a spray bottle- spray when shower is very dry and let it sit on the surface wet for about 15 minutes. Don't scrub at first. Allow the product time to work, then use a nylon brush or medium bristle toothbrush to scrub and follow with a rinse. Do not use a metal brush.

* It's important to note that cleaning will not remove it all and you may have to repeat this process a few times.

If Cleaning Vinegar isn't strong enough, use an acid cleaner.

If after a few times you feel the Cleaning vinegar is not strong enough, you can use any other acid cleaner. Look for a product labeled as rust, calcium and lime remover. Please remember to read and follow all the directions on the bottle carefully as metals, natural stones and other products can be effected by the acid. Always rinse and follow up with an alkaline cleaning product to neutralize the acid. This could be anything that is a degreaser even dish soap.

We recommend doing this 1x a month for maintenance.


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