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End Of Season Paver Maintenance

As the Summer winds to an end, Labor Day passes and the Fall season draws near, it is the time to start thinking about your pavers. With every day that goes by there is less sunlight and lower temperatures. As the rainy season quickly approaches, everything is staying wet longer and soon the snow will bring more water with the melting and freezing. This means that more organic materials will start to grow because of these conditions. Coming toward the end of the season, we always recommend taking a look at the condition of your pavers and polysand to make an assessment as to what might need to be addressed. Do you see mold, moss, or any other organic build up? Most pavers will start to show some signs of this organic issues. The reason why looking out for when these issues start to grow is so important is because these organic materials will start to break up your polysand and lessen it's longevity. So how do you stop it from growing?? The truth is, you can't completely stop it for good but there are ways to slow the growth and help protect your pavers and sand. Although we do recommend to treat pavers regularly throughout the year, it is most important to pretreat pavers/ sand before the close of the outdoor party season. As a routine end of year maintenance, we recommend that you treat pavers with any type of outdoor mold, mildew, moss, or algae treatment product depending on what you see. These can be purchased as a convenient metered sprayer that you hook up to your hose and apply. We also recommend you to use a 50/50 bleach and water solution at least 1 time before you close the pool and pack up your furniture. Using a sodium chloride or bleach based cleaner will help control the organic issues and doing this treatment now will prepare you for an easier cleanup in the Spring. All products should be applied when pavers are dry and cool so they can can stay wet as long as possible and absorb deep into the pavers/sand and give you the best possible outcome. This maintenance to your pavers should be an easy task to handle and will preserve your pavers and create an easy solution to your outdoor maintenance come Spring.


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