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Maintenance for Outdoor Pavers

Whether you have a full patio or just pavers around your pool, yearly maintenance is necessary to keep them looking their best. Overall, pavers do not require much maintenance but here are some key steps to keep them looking great.

We recommend a yearly professional cleaning to the surface of the pavers in the spring time to remove the organic buildup from over the winter. Request a quote here.

You can also apply treatment products to help with certain issues, such as moss, mold, and weeds. (see below for our recommendations). Restoration services such as sanding and sealing the pavers should be done every 3-5 years. Although we cannot stop or prevent weeds, moss, and ants, these steps will help in the future.

How to Maintain Your Outdoor Paver

Moss, Mold, and Mildew

Moss and mold form naturally in any wet environment. On pavers this generally happens when the area does not get good sunlight to dry the pavers or you have a non-drainage base (when pavers are set over a concrete slab). This is very common.

What you will need:

  1. a medium bristle janitors broom

  2. general outdoor cleaner

  3. garden hose

  4. low pressure nozzle

  5. treatment products (if needed)

How to clean:

  1. dilute the cleaner as recommended

  2. spray or pour the cleaner over the pavers

  3. use the broom to agitate the cleaner and loosen up the dirt and debris

  4. use the hose and nozzle to wash away the cleaner and dirt

  5. apply treatment products if needed for moss, mold, or mildew (see below)

Treatment Recommendations for Pavers

For when you have moss, mold, or mildew:

  1. We recommend a sodium hypochlorite based product which is similar to pool shock. You can also find products that are non-bleach based, but they take longer to work on moss and mold. Both products like this are readily available at any home big box retailer and can be found as a metered sprayer that you hook up to your hose and spray.

  2. If you have a persistent and consistent moss or mold problem these products should be sprayed three times a year starting in the spring, following up in the middle of the summer, and then at the end of the season in the fall. Products should be sprayed when your pavers are as cool as possible either very early in the morning or late at night. Allow the product to stay wet for approximately 20-30 minutes giving it an opportunity to absorb into the pavers.

For treatment of weeds and grasses:

  1. The poly sand between your pavers will help slow weeds and grasses, but it will not prevent them completely. We recommend treating any weeds or grasses as soon as you see them. The most common and effective way to treat them is to use some type of ground vegetation killer which can be found in any big box store. Generally, it takes a few weeks to fully kill weeds or grass in the paver joints.

  2. An alternative option, if you are looking for less chemicals, is to make a homemade weed killing concoction. You can find many recipes online.

3 Ways to Clean Pavers

We recommend a sodium hypochlorite based product

  1. The simplest way to clean your pavers is to purchase a cleaner which comes in a sprayer bottle that hooks up to your garden hose. Attach the bottle and as you spray the cleaner will automatically dilute.

  2. The most cost efficient method is to purchase a concentrated cleaner in gallon form and a 1-2 gallon pump sprayer. Mix the cleaner following the manufacturers directions and spray on. ~This method will leave you with extra cleaner for multiple applications.

  3. The cheapest method is to purchase household or outdoor bleach and a 1-2 gallon pump sprayer. Dilute the product following the rate on the bottle.


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