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You've had your tile and grout cleaned. So how do you keep it that way?

After your tile, stone, and grout have been cleaned proper maintenance should be used to maximize our service. Always wait 5 days after any sealer is applied to mop the surface.

Tips and Tricks


Who would have though that cleaning your floor could be a bad thing? But overcleaning with products can cause a buildup over time. Try to keep the cleaning down to once a week. We recommend frequent vacuuming, sweeping, and spot cleaning when necessary. When you do mop use a sponge, string mop, or steam mop with washable pads for best results.


Sure, we all love the smell of a fresh forest or lavender field, but smelling clean and being clean are two totally different things. Just plain hot water works great for cleaning on a weekly basis, but if you do choose to use a floor cleaner make sure you DO NOT use any that are oil or pine based. It is important when using any cleaner that you follow the recommended amount of cleaner to water ratio when mixing.

**It's even okay to use less cleaner than suggested. Remember that using too much will cause a buildup on your tile and grout making it more susceptible to dirt.


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