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Maintaining Your Cleaning and Staining Services

You've had your tile floors professionally cleaned or color stained, so now you may wonder "Well how long does that last?" On average color stain/seal services last between 3-5 years (less in high traffic areas). To keep your floors looking their best, we recommend having a routine deep cleaning at least once per year or twice yearly if you choose not to color stain/seal your floors. Floors get dirty quickly, especially if you have children or pets so routine maintenance is key!

If you follow our tips you can maintain the beauty of your floors between professional cleanings.

Tips and Tricks


Have you ever stood in the cleaning aisle of the store overwhelmed by the number of choices? How do you know which is best? We are here to help! Hot water is all you really need for weekly cleanings, but if you choose to use a cleaner we recommend using one that is pH neutral. Better yet, get a bottle of Cleaning Vinegar* and mix 1/4 cup to 1 gallon of warm water- if your floors are greasy try adding 1-2 drops (no more) of liquid dish soap.

*FUN FACT: Cleaning Vinegar is 20% stronger than Distilled White Vinegar- both can be used for cleaning, but do not use Cleaning Vinegar for cooking!


Yes we said it...there is a "right way" to mop a floor. If using something other than just hot water, properly mix your cleaning solution remembering not to use more than the recommended amount. Using a string or sponge mop, mop your floor and let the cleaner dwell on the floor so it breaks up the dirt but DO NOT let it dry on the surface.

With a fresh water bucket rinse your floor with clean fresh water (changing as needed) then towel dry. Even if your cleaner says that it is "Rinse Free," we never recommend that. Always try to use a fresh water wash to get as much of the cleaner off the floor as possible to reduce build up.


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