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Do you have hard water?

How can you tell if your water is hard or soft? For one thing if you are seeing white scaling or mineral deposits like below on your glass shower doors, faucets, even dishes- you definitely have hard water. So what can you do to help minimize the buildup and hours of scrubbing?? Keep reading below for some helpful hints.

Our Top 5 Best Hard Water Tips

  1. Water Softener - Have a water softener installed in your home by a professional. There are typically four types of water softeners: ion exchange, salt free, reverse osmosis, and magnetic. Discuss with your installer which would be best for your home and budget.

  2. Squeegee After Every Shower - Using a squeegee to remove water from your walls after every shower can help to cut down on build up a great deal. Also, we recommend towel drying any remaining water on the walls, fixtures, and floor.

  3. Hydrophobic Sealer - If you hate scrubbing your glass shower doors, this could be a big help for you. Purchase a hydrophobic sealer product and spray on your shower doors and fixtures. When you shower the water will bead up and run right off making it a much quicker clean up.

  4. Descaler - We recommend using a descaler or calcium removing product, especially if you already have mineral buildup in your shower. As always, read and follow the directions on the bottle carefully and wear the appropriate protective equipment. We recommend testing a small area first- if successful, descaler can be used on fixtures, glass doors, and your walls.

  5. Clean frequently - Make sure to clean your shower including the doors and fixtures on a regular basis. Build up can happen fast- using a 50/50 solution of cleaning vinegar and water can help breakdown soap scum and mineral deposits left behind by hard water.

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