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Bathroom Cleaning Checklist – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Seasonal Tasks to Perform

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist – The Ultimate Guide for Cleaning Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important areas of your home. It’s where you relax in silence and take care of your body. But over time, without the proper maintenance, your bathroom may become stinky, messy, or even moldy. Whether you have regular guests or not, an unsanitary bathroom is a no-no, as it ruins the house’s aesthetic and serves as the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This is why you need a bathroom cleaning checklist to maintain your routine.

With daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal bathroom cleaning tasks, you can maintain an effective cleaning schedule that leaves this part of your home fresh and spotless. In this guide, we’ve broken down the cleaning process into a bathroom cleaning routine that is bound to give you the best results, so let’s get started.

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Bathroom Cleaning Checklist – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Seasonal Practices

Did you know that around 40% of Americans only clean their bathroom once a month or even less and that the most regularly cleaned area is usually the toilet? Now, you don’t have to do a deep cleaning every day, but taking care of your bathroom too rarely can affect you and everyone else in the household. It’s not a pretty sight, not to mention that the risk of illnesses and infections increases because of the bacteria.

But fear not – we have some efficient cleaning practices you can do regularly to ensure your habits pay off. A bathroom cleaning checklist serves as a reminder to do all of your chores at the right time to maintain the freshness of your bathroom.

1. Steps for a Good Daily Bathroom Cleaning Routine

Cleaning the bathroom daily may sound too much, but it’s mandatory hygiene maintenance. While you don’t have to go on a full cleaning spree every day, something as easy as a wipe-down is enough to give you the bathroom sanitization you need. According to statistics, 225% of people refrain from cleaning the bathroom for up to one week, making this space a breeding ground for bacteria.

Wiping down your bathroom surfaces every day makes sure that you remove any build-up of grime, soap scum, and mildew. That being said, here are some daily cleaning tasks that you should add to your routine:

•Clean your children’s bath toys and let them dry fully

•Hang up your towels

•Wipe down your shower doors and walls and dry them

•Wipe down the sink and its surrounding area, as well as the counters

•Start decluttering your counter space and organizing everything

•Empty the trashcan

Nowadays, people also clean other surfaces such as door handles, light switches, toilets, and more during flu season, especially when one household member is sick.

2. Weekly Bathroom Cleaning Tasks You Should Perform

Weekly cleaning tasks are necessary if you want your bathroom to be bacteria-free. You should have your cleaning supplies ready for weekly sanitization, as it can ensure that all your fixtures and surfaces are shiny and spotless.

According to AISE, bathroom surface cleaning is done on average 1-7 times per week. However, even if you do your daily tasks, you should still get to a more thorough cleaning process once per week. Here are some tasks you shouldn’t overlook:

•Disinfect your toilet

•Wash all of your towels

•Clean your shower drains and sink

•Clean and disinfect counters

•Vacuum the floor and rugs and start mopping the floor

•Wipe down door handles and light switches

•Clean your tub or shower

•Renew your soap and toilet paper

•Dust your baseboards

3. Monthly Bathroom Sanitization Tasks You Shouldn’t Ignore

Four out of 10 Americans usually only clean their bathroom once a month or even less. While monthly cleaning tasks must be part of your bathroom hygiene checklist, you should do them in addition to daily and weekly cleaning.

Here are some tasks to perform every month for a clean bathroom:

•Clean your mirrors

•Make sure to clean and unclog your air vents

•Clean the shower curtain and liner and replace it if necessary

•Clean your tile grout

•Scrub the tub or shower properly

•Give your rugs and shower mats a wash

•Look for potential water leaks and mildew/mold growth

•Clean your windows, light fixtures, and baseboards

4. Seasonal/Periodic Bathroom Cleaning Tips for a Fresh Bathroom

There are also some cleaning tasks you can only do seasonally in your bathroom. Let’s take a look at some periodic bathroom cleaning tips:

•Reseal the surfaces if you have marble or granite countertops

•Do some small bathroom organization when entering a new season

•Clean or replace your shower curtains, as they have the most bathroom bacteria

Frequently Asked Questions

• What parts of the bathroom do I need to clean?

All surfaces in your bathroom should be cleaned regularly if you want to avoid dirt, mold, mildew, and bacteria. That being said, you should pay significant attention to your toilet, shower, curtains, floor, walls, rugs, mats, countertops, sink, tubs, faucets, fixtures, mirrors, and tile grout.

• Should I clean the bathroom before or after showering?

It’s best to take a shower before you start cleaning, as it ensures you do not spread more germs after you’ve already worked to sanitize the room.

• What are the best cleaning supplies I should use regularly?

You can find the perfect cleaning supplies in stores. But since they are full of chemicals most of the time, an alternative for eco-friendly cleaning would be to use homemade cleaning solutions. These often include lemon, vinegar, dish soap, water, and essential oils.


So, there you have it – a cleaning checklist template with daily, weekly, monthly, and periodic tips. They will ensure your bathroom is free of dirt and bacteria in the long term. Do you have other valuable tips that may help with bathroom maintenance? Please share them in the comment section below!


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